I am Sean Ammirati. I love writing and music. This website is dedicated to my creative works. 


I originally made this site when I was 19. That was over eleven years ago — a lot has changed! First off, I had no web development experience back then — this website was developed using Weebly originally. After many years of not having it published, I have decided to port it over to WordPress.

I do not write or play music nearly as frequently as I would like any more, and have much less time to update this site when I do, but I still would like to have this website serve as an archive of all of the music and writing I have. 

It should also go without saying that the music and writing included here are not professionally developed or recorded. Much of the content is over ten years old. Please keep this in mind as you scroll through some of my work.

At the top of the page, there are navigation links which will lead you to different content on the site. Each category has subcategories which describes the division of content.

  • Music is separated into two content pages, Recorded and Composed.
  • Writing is separated into two content pages, Poetry and Short Stories.